Our Customers Fall In Love With Us

Medium Pepperoni Pizza

Antonio Moore

“For 7 dollars a slice (pesto, cheese, and I loaded it with chili flakes), it was good.  It was crispy, fresh tasting, cool dudes behind the counter, and nice upbeat music.”

Kris York

“Love this pizza. Guys are great and true New York street pizza. Thanks for keeping it all about the pizza.”

Michael West

“Always consistent food. Good service. They were really busy the food took a little long to come out, which was fine for us since we were on a trip to San Diego. The manager came to our table and apologized fir the delay. Again we were fine. When we got our check we noticed a really nice discount. Thanks BJ Brewhouse ”

Shelly Shipman

“I thought I added delivery and when I called they informed me I hadn’t, they were so kind and delivered it personally to me, don’t know any place in San Diego that would do that. Above and beyond customer service”

Jeremy Lopez

“Love this late night pizza spot coming back for sure. Great atmosphere and tasty pizza. The owners rock.”

Randy Morgan

“This place was great! The pizza dough is like nothing I’ve had before, the sauce was excellent and everything worked great together. My wife and I enjoyed a couple slices and wings on the patio, the day was beautiful and the food was great and management made me feel like I was at home. ”

LaRetta Madsen

“Last night we grabbed a slice from Gaslamp Pizza, and I’m obsessed. The crust is like no other. Heading there at 11 for my Mothers Day Brunch :)”

Ed LeMonnier

“Spent a week in San Diego.  First place we stopped for food and we enjoyed the pizza and outdoor dining.”

Renick Herrcheti

“Gaslamp pizza is a great pizza place. You can grab a good slice of pizza and also enjoy it… Nice cocktails too. Not too badly priced, but wholesome and original foods – well worth it! ”