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Our Customers Fall In Love With Us

Michael West

Always consistent food. Good service. They were really busy the food took a little long to come out, which was fine for us since we were on a trip to San Diego. The manager came to our table and apologized fir the delay. Again we were fine. When we got our check we noticed a really nice discount. Thanks BJ Brewhouse ”

Randy Morgan

“This place was great! The pizza dough is like nothing I’ve had before, the sauce was excellent and everything worked great together. My wife and I enjoyed a couple slices and wings on the patio, the day was beautiful and the food was great and management made me feel like I was at home. ”

Renick Herrcheti

“Gaslamp pizza is a great pizza place. You can grab a good slice of pizza and also enjoy it… Nice cocktails too. Not too badly priced, but wholesome and original foods – well worth it! ”